Bicycle Brand Blank Books

I picked up a really cool sketchbook a few weeks ago while on vacation in Bangor, Maine. It was in a little bookstore I stumbled upon while on a brief photowalk with my Special Lady Friend. It came with a photocopy of a wonderful article that described the creator of the books, one G. Wayne Wilcox. Based out of St. Louis, he makes all sorts of stuff out of recycled material, such as a bicycle trailer that doubles as a hearse, glasses made from spokes that flip up when he doesn’t need them, and these books.

Bicycle Brand Blank Books The books come in a few different sizes. I got one of the smaller rectangular shaped ones, which fits wonderfully in the back pocket of my bag. It’s built sturdy, with heavy stock for the pages and black construction paper wrapped around it in a folding kind of cover. It’s partially bound with glue (for the back of the pages) and strips of rubber bicycle inner tube, which doubles as a strap to keep the book closed. Since the cover folds and wraps around the book to protect the pages, there’s enough room to fit a pen in between the outside of the pages and the cover.

I’ve begun to draw, sketch, or doodle in mine every day. I’m enjoying this thing so much that I’m considering purchasing more in case I can’t find them again. Mr. Wilcox doesn’t seem to have any web presence that I can find, just a phone number printed on the books. Maybe I’ll give it call. Does anyone know where you can buy these things, other than by phone? Is this guy still out there making them? I’d love to find out more information about this fellow and his work.

I’ve posted a few more pictures of the book on Flickr, tagged with bicyclebrandblankbooks.