Elements of Style

While in Maine over the easter holiday, I had the pleasure of stopping by one of the state’s wonderful Goodwill stores. For some reason, these are consistently some of the best thrift shops I’ve ever been to. During this visit, I found a copy of William Strunk Jr’s The Elements of Style. It was not a title I was familiar with, although it sounded vaguely familiar. Perhaps it was because I was looking for a book with a similar title (in fact, this is probably why I pulled it off the shelf in the first place). This book does seem to be a rather timely find, since of late I keep finding myself back at Peter K Sheerin’s ALA article on online grammar, punctuation and typography.

So, as dry as it may sound, I think this is going to be my next read. After re-reading some Gibson (I’m just realizing that I’ve never read Count Zero) this past week, and Gaiman the week before, perhaps it’s time to switch gears anyway. Incidentally, I think it’s time I started keeping track of my reading. We’ll see how that goes.

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