Five bucks an hour

Tent City Snow Did you know that the federal minimum wage is still only $5.15 an hour? Could you live on that? Better yet, could you support a family on that? The UVM Student Labor Action Project has again set up a Tent City to raise awareness and send a message to UVM to “pay a livable wage to all campus workers”. UVM’s Basic Needs and Equitable Compensation Task Force reported last September that “about 250 university employees do not earn enough to provide a single-person household’s rent, food, heat and other necessities.”

This year they are camped outside of Royal Tyler Theater. Pretty impressive action for a cold, rainy, snowy week in April. Here’s hoping they get some sunshine, and some visitors! Here is a little history on the use of Tent Cities as protests.

Disclaimer: I should note that I am a UVM employee and alum.

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