Liminal Engagement

suspensionNext time you are on Church Street in downtown Burlington, be sure to swing by the Firehouse Gallery and check out the latest installation. I’ve been peeking in the windows at this one for a while now. We finally got a chance to check it out when we were next door at the farmers market in City Hall Park last weekend. I also got to try out my new lens – you can see more of the results in my photostream, tagged with liminalengagement.

The installation is a wonderful excursion in shape and texture. You can stand in certain places in and around it to get different views. Curves of chain link fence, with thousands of plastic cups and strings hanging down, each weighted with small stone, is reminiscent of surf crashing in on itself.

I was once again struck by the friendliness of the person who greeted us as we came in. This was reinforced when I overheard her talking to someone who had come in looking for a job. She briefly explained that the bulk of the work was to take the intimidation out of walking into an art gallery.

U.S. RemedyBut wait, there’s more! Upstairs was a collection of pottery and ceramic work, including a really cool piece by Susan Maloney, “U.S. Remedy”. It’s a weathered vertical briefcase that is open to reveal rows of white porcelain bottles, each stamped with a gold dollar sign seal. Between that and the views of lake champlain, it’s definitely worth the walk up the stairs.

The Firehouse blog has more, but don’t put it off too long. The installation is only there until June 2nd. Who knows how long the stuff upstairs will be there.

Update: Over on the Stuck In Vermont blog, Eva Sollberger has a great set of videos from the opening, including discussions with the artist, volunteers who helped put it together, and mini interviews with visitors. Good stuff!