Directory Digger

Update (2007-06-27): Directory Digger is a featured download on‘s main dashboard widget site. Cool! (thanks Rob, for the tip)

Directory Digger IconIn my spare time (heh), I’ve built an Apple dashboard widget that lets one search an LDAP directory. For me, the tool is filling a number of needs. The project page summarizes some of them:

This application is intended to simplify the search interface that is found at the directory pages of many organizations. It also aims to provide access to that information in a handy place. It leverages OS X’s local ldapsearch tools to search remote LDAP directories, as opposed to relying on an external server to provide the lookup functionality and return results.

You can read more, and download it on the DirectoryDigger project page.

Release early, release often, right? Well, this is one I’ve been sitting on for some time. Years, I think. It feels good to get it up and out.