Closing the Canadian Studies Office at UVM?

My friend and colleague Paul Martin writes about the imminent closure of the Canadian Studies office at the University of Vermont (disclosure: I am currently employed at UVM). Near the bottom of the post he offers suggestions on how you can help, as well as a link to a lengthy article on the situation at the Burlington Free Press.

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  1. [...] Late last week, a Canadian Press reporter looking for a story happened upon the Burlington Free Press article on the closure of our program office and the withdrawal of program funding to Canadian Studies. The resulting Canadian Press story hit the newswires on Friday morning and a media frenzy began. Even before I got to my office on Friday morning I was getting calls at home from radio stations in Canada who wanted to speak with me about this decision. Both AM 940 in Montreal and 1040 Hamilton interviewed me about this on live radio and one of our colleagues heard the story on the morning news on CBC Ottawa. Over the weekend, the story made it into Saturday’s Globe and Mail (which would be the equivalent here of making it into the Sunday NY Times), Saturday’s New Brunswick Telegraph-Journal, and it was on the editorial page of Sunday’s Edmonton Journal. Earlier today, the controversy was featured on Vermont Public Radio’s Vermont Edition. It also made it into today’s edition of The Vermont Cynic. It’s even been blogged about. [...]

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