Portland RUG

I went to another bang-up meeting of the Portland Ruby Users Group last night. Russ Jones gave a great presentation on Design Patterns with Ruby. I don’t know if he’s planning on publishing the notes from the talk, but it’s worth keeping an eye on his blog to see if he does.

The talk itself was a well balanced introduction into some programming concepts that a lot of programmers would recognize, but might not know as formally. While Ruby’s brevity and elegance lent itself exceedingly well as a medium for illustrating these ideas, it was a discussion that a developer in any language would have found useful. Russ even showed some sample code he did in PHP for comparison.

Speaking of other languages, someone mentioned to me they were hoping to see more crossover attendance from other languages/groups. If you’re developing in another language, and you’re in the Greater Portland area (I hear they even get folks coming in from New Hampshire), you owe it to yourself to try and attend one of these meetings. I can’t promise you won’t encounter some cajoling to come over to the Dark (Red) Side, but you can expect some solid discussion of good programming practices.

Casey Rosenthal wrapped things up with a brief presentation that dovetailed wonderfully with Russ’s talk. Casey used an implementation of an organizational research tool to walk us through a few examples of design patterns in action. Over the course of both presentations, we talked about the use of lambda functions in Ruby.

I also heard of a few new books to put on the list. Russ based part of his presentation on a book by Russ Olsen, called Design Patterns in Ruby. A few folks mentioned The Rails Way, which might be worth a look.

This was my second time attending, and unlike the last time, I was able to stick around and hang out at the pub afterwards. Conversation was relaxed but engaging. I think the group currently meets every second Monday of the month, but you can find out more on the google groups page. Hope to see you there next time.

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