Goodwill all around

goodwill.jpg Looks like Goodwill is on Twitter (not to mention Facebook and MySpace).

At the moment, their Tweets seem to consist mostly of press releases and hiring opportunities. It would be nice to see them start highlighting interesting items on their auction site as well.

Reuse is my favorite of the three R’s. The others, if you are wondering, being Reduce and Recycle. While Reducing consumption is on it’s face the most effective, Reusing is much more fun. It takes much less energy and resources than Recycling. That makes it the coolest sibling, no contest.

Goodwill’s emphasis on reuse is one reason it is up there in my favorite types of businesses. Add to that a local focus and a belief in people, and you have a solid winner.

It’s good to see such solid non-profit organizations embracing marketing tools like these.

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