Have Pho, Will Travel

We found out last weekend that one of our favorite restaurants is closing. Or at least it will if no one buys it in the next month or so. The owner/proprietor of Viet Bangkok Cuisine on St. John St. is putting the place up for sale – the whole kit and kaboodle. Apparently he plans on moving next door to the Upside Down State.

From what we understood (and to be fair we were a bit dazed – it’s hard to pay attention when your heart is breaking), they are trying to sell it as a complete package. That would include everything from tablecloths and flatware to the exquisite recipes and sauces in the sale. Here’s hoping someone picks up the spoon.

So if you enjoy Vietnamese or Thai cuisine, I’d highly recommend visiting before they pack up. I’d especially recommend the Pho (the Pho Satay is my personal favorite), as it’s consistently been some of the best I’ve ever had. The Vermicelli Bun (V4, I believe) is also quite good. Their drunken noodle dish also ranks among the better versions I’ve tried.

We now have to decide if we’re going to try and explore the rest of the menu, or savor the dishes we have grown to love, before the doors close. At least we get to say good-bye this time – Binga’s may be the most attractive boarded-up building in town, but it’s still an empty, lonely shell.

This is one of The Real Portland’s best kept secrets – get it before it’s gone.

Update (2009-04-26): We stopped in this weekend for some post-grocery shopping takeout, and heard word that the proprietor’s father may be taking over the business after all. There’s hope yet!