Aboot? About? About a boot?

My name is Justin Henry, and I enjoy living in Burlington, Vermont Portland, Maine Orlando, FL. Here are a few places that I’ve invested part of myself in.

  • You can follow my photographic endeavors on Flickr. If you prefer images in motion, you can see that format in my vimeo stream.
  • During the day, I am a mild mannered web developer and faculty support specialist web application administrator at the University of Vermont.
  • An ever-growing stream of my bookmarks is available on del.icio.us.
  • After the stars come out, I am a mild mannered consultant. If you’re so inclined, my resume is available as well.
  • Daily exploits of my friends, colleagues, and I are on Twitter.
  • I’m an album guy. I tend to listen to albums, as opposed to mixes or shuffled libraries. My most recent playlist is on Last.fm.
  • Hungry for more? You might find something in the lifestream (no lifeguard on duty – you’ve been warned!), or perhaps FriendFeed

Justin D Henry

Portland, Maine USA
27 June, 2007