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Summer reading

I really enjoy traveling. Not just going to see new places, but the process of getting there. It is a special kind of down time. It also often means more bandwith attention for books. We’re leaving in a few days for a week in Seattle, then shortly after that I’m off to Michigan for a [...]

Ski it if you can, the African bumper sticker campaign

As I mentioned previously, my brother returned this past January from mountaineering in Africa. On his trip up and down Kilimanjaro, he took this picture of a Land Rover with one of those iconic Mad River Glen “Ski It If You Can” bumper stickers on it. Some time passed before I finally got a chance [...]

My brother climbed mount Kilimanjaro and all I got was this t-shirt

Ok, no tshirt, but he sent some some cool pictures. And a pretty good story :) . My “little” brother made the summit of one of the seven summits this past January. Below is his account of the journey (or at least part of it). Photo and text reprinted here with permission. Thanks bro!

Clickety clack – riding the Vermonter

My special lady friend calls me a romantic for my choice of travel today. I reply that it’s cheaper than a flight – and perhaps more importantly since I’m not having to connect via JFK in New York (I’m just going to Boston, after all), I minimize my environmental impact. I’m also not driving, which, [...]

Off for AEA Boston – all abooooard!

I’m heading out in the morning for AEA Boston, via train. Yes, you read that right – I’ll be rolling on the Vermonter with a connection in Springfield, MA.